(Newbie Friendly Method) Make $70+ Per Day

Today I’ll spoon-feed you on how to do both very effectively. Let’s start with getting traffic…

How To Get Traffic

First, I gotta give credit where credit is due. I learned about this traffic source back in 2010. The site we’re getting our traffic from is mocospace.com. There are probably plenty of you who’ve heard about moco before and think it’s dead because they’ve disabled clickable links. In short, you’re wrong. Mocospace still works if you go about it the right way. And by the right way, I mean the G’s way. And by G, I mean gangster

For those of you who don’t know what mocospace is about, it’s basically a site where people are looking to hook up with each other over the phone.

There are tons of horny guys there so it’s a heaven for ewhoring BUT that’s not how we’re gonna make money in this method. I have a much better way of converting these guys into money but we’ll get to that in the conversion part of the tutorial. First, let me show you how you actually get in contact with people on the site…

1. Once you’ve signed up for an account and are logged in, hover the mouse over the “find friends” tab and click on the “find me a friend” link highlighted in the picture below…

When you click that link, a random profile of a member will show up. The random profile will always be of opposite sex of what you signed up as. so if you sign up as a female, the random profile will always be of a male and vice versa.

In addition, if you fill out the voluntary information in your own profile, the random profile will almost always be of a member who lives in or near the city you specify. So if you specify that you live in Atlanta, the random profile will be of a member in or near Atlanta (this is great for targeting).

2. A random profile has now appeared. Click on the instant message button to contact the member. See the picture below

3. Now you chat with the member and try to entice him/her to do whatever it is you want…

So now that you know how to get in contact with people on the site (AKA how to get traffic), it’s time to learn how to turn these guys into money…

How To Convert Your Traffic

Be warned that what you’re about to read is evil. So those of you who have girly emotions may wanna x the window . With that said, it works. In fact, it works spectacularly (love using that word btw). 1 out of every 15 people I contacted with this pitch completed my offer. Read on…

An actual example of a chat I had the other month is probably the most effective way of describing how this works…


You: Hey You: There’s something you need to know about your gf

Victim: Who are you? You: I’d prefer to keep my identity a secret as I’m a friend of your GF and I don’t want any hard feelings after what I’m about to tell you.

You: Your girlfirend’s f*cking another guy.

Victim: What?

You: She’s a member of this dating site and she met a guy there named Antonio.

You: The site is: www.yourcpadatingoffer.com.

You: If you sign up and search for 0xbumbebeex0, you’ll find her profile with her pictures and everything.

You: I’m her friend and all but treating you like this ain’t right so…

Even if the guy is 90% sure you’re lying, those 10% of doubt are enough to get him to think “what if it’s true”. And because most people don’t understand that it’s possible for people to get paid for a free sign up, they don’t see any reason why you’d wanna lie about it. I mean, if you don’t make any money off of him, then why would you tell him this story if it weren’t true?

The dating site you’re sending him to will obviously be your CPA offer if you didn’t figure that out by now. It’s best if you choose an incentive offer as these guys probably don’t convert that well for the advertisers.

If you can’t find any dating incentive offers, then you can put a twist on the pitch and tell him that you’ve found videos of his girl stripping in camshows. Then link him to a content locked download page of the video. The guy will fill it out out of fear that you may be telling the truth.

Oh, I almost forgot. You will obviously have to hide your traffic source from your CPA network with a double meta refresh. When I was doing this heavily, I had a link generator that generated links that stopped working after a specified time. That way, if users contacted mocospace staff with my spam, my link wouldn’t work by the time the staff examined it. That’s important because mocospace staff can be sons of bitches when it comes to snitching to CPA networks.

That’s the method. It works. Do it now.

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